Bee Portraits

Since the question came up in life, I thought that it would be a good time to express some observations of life in relation to my photography. I love photographing insects of all kinds as well as arachnids and other creatures. One of the hardest insects to photograph is the honey bee. They are never still and are very wary of anything moving around them.

Art Prints – Date of photo: 9/17/2009

One day while trying to get some insect photos, there was a honey bee that was buzzing our flower garden. I kept following it around with my camera trying to get as close as I could without it getting scared. I have found that the big black eye (camera) really does scare these tiny creatures. Well, as I was chasing around this one bee, it finally had enough and started doing its warning dance. From my observations, when a honey bee gets angry, they will fly very quickly in a horseshoe shape pattern pointing towards the irritant back and forth.

I backed off, knowing it was getting very irritated. After awhile I started again trying to get a good photo of this bee (same individual). This time it seemed as though it was less irritated and was being much less cautious. I think it was getting used to the idea that I wasn’t a real threat. This second time she let me get really close without buzzing off. She never did the anger dance again and I was able to get some of the best honey bee photos from her that I’ve ever been able to get.

Do I think man can communicate with the animals around him? Yes, definitely. But, first we have to learn how to listen.

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