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I haven't touched my website in years. Guess it is time for an update. Haven't paid much attention to it because all my friends I've known for years and years are on Facebook and all my notes and current status and information is there.

Photography (FB Sardior Photography) continues to be an important part of my life, but trying to make a living at it is just a pipe dream now. So many people think they are photographers, and there really are many really great photographers, so, I content myself with shooting images for me and the few friends who appreciate what I do.

Drum making (FB Sardior Expressions) has become my main outlet for expression but because of the financial crunch we have been under and the stress the separation has put on the family relations, even making time to create them has suffered much.

Dancing is probably my most enjoyable activity. So, I'm looking for dance partners. No commitment, no romance other than the enjoyment of dance, and all the benefits that affords, just jamming on the dance floor. Sometimes jamming in a small place between tables is all we get, but even that has proven to be quite the event.

For anyone concerned about what genre of music I enjoy, blues, jazz, rock'n'roll, steampunk, and just last week I boogied to west-Tennessean-country-bluegrass-blues with a little folk thrown in there. My listening tastes are as varied as a record store. Some music naturally falls into the category of 'Dance Music' and others are just not for dancing, but listening. So, the criteria for me is: As long as it is good music and dance-able, I'm in.

If you feel that you would like to friend me on Facebook my alias is Sardior Ruby. Message me, let's get to know each other, and if I'm not too far left wing for ya, maybe I could add you as a friend. I do check out profiles on Facebook before I make any decision. Not the last word, but it sometimes puts up red flags for certain bad behaviors.

The world is a strange place full of strange people. And I am one of those strange people. I am mostly harmless (as harmless as any human can be). Go ahead and message some of my friends, ask them about me. I trust them. We don't always agree, but almost all of my friends and I have one thing in common. We care about this world, our friends, and the future of all humanity.


Previous bio with edits.

I am a 2nd generation native Arizonan. My grandparents homesteaded a piece of land just north of Williams, AZ. I was born in Phoenix and in the same hospital my father was born. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, but spent a lot of time at the homestead property learning about peace, tranquility, and the fact that nature is reckless of the individual.

While going to school I studied Art, Science, and Music. I had an insatiable curiosity for astronomy, space exploration, and paleontology. The time spent at the homestead also brought me closer to real life experiences with biology, geology, and paleontology.

In my youth one of my favorite pastimes was exploring every road and two track I could find. Many of these places are now covered with houses, buildings, or surrounded with fences. In retrospect I wish I had learned more about photography early in life and been taking pictures of all the places I had visited. What a story it would be to show others what Arizona was like before the great migration.

At the age of 25 I married and at 62 we have decided to divorce. Long story, but if you really want to get to know me we can discuss this over coffee sometime... no, not when we're dancing. ☺

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